Tuesday, March 31, 2009

once upon a time

Today I went hiking with my family to a waterfall. Near it there is a wooden platform where you can stand above the river below, and scrawled in black sharpie along a board there was this:

"I love this girl. Katy is the one I will die for"
I couldn't help but wonder if they were still together somewhere, maybe living in a tiny apartment and eating Cup O' Noodles because that's all they can afford, but it doesn't matter because they have each other and that's all they really need. Or I wondered if he actually did die for her. I wondered if perhaps neither were true; instead, the message was a fleeting sentiment, no more substantial than the water cascading over the rocks. Perhaps she had loved another boy once, and she couldn't let him go. Maybe she never felt like she was good enough for him, and day by day they grew apart. Maybe he fell in love with another girl who was prettier and never asked for much and never seemed to worry.
I wish I never had to worry.

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