Sunday, March 15, 2009

and this is where we say hello

I'm not exactly sure about how one goes about starting a blog. Is there an etiquette guide for this sort of thing? I have no clue so I will just go ahead and do whatever I want.
I don't particularly want to share my name on the internet, considering that I'm incredibly shy and it's also rather unclimatic. Really, no creativity in my name. So, instead I will give you a short display of random facts about myself:
1. I only eat the white candy hearts that you get at Valentine's Day.
2. People say I look like a deer because I have very large eyes. They also make me look very young and naive, and I suppose that those are both true in their own way.
3. I am addicted to many things.
4. I live in a fantasy world most of the time. Reality has never served me any great purpose, so I do my best to ignore it.
5. And the main reason I'm starting this blog is in the vain hope that there is someone out there like me; someone who obsesses over the strangest of things but can't seem to get their own life together. Or least I can accomplish something by showing someone else that they aren't the only ones.

Well, that's it for now. In the near future there will be more posts filled with my ramblings, favorite photos, song lyrics, strange occurances, and bits of fiction. My cousin should be arriving shortly and my mother has instructed that I go sit by the front door and wait for her.

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