Tuesday, March 31, 2009

once upon a time

Today I went hiking with my family to a waterfall. Near it there is a wooden platform where you can stand above the river below, and scrawled in black sharpie along a board there was this:

"I love this girl. Katy is the one I will die for"
I couldn't help but wonder if they were still together somewhere, maybe living in a tiny apartment and eating Cup O' Noodles because that's all they can afford, but it doesn't matter because they have each other and that's all they really need. Or I wondered if he actually did die for her. I wondered if perhaps neither were true; instead, the message was a fleeting sentiment, no more substantial than the water cascading over the rocks. Perhaps she had loved another boy once, and she couldn't let him go. Maybe she never felt like she was good enough for him, and day by day they grew apart. Maybe he fell in love with another girl who was prettier and never asked for much and never seemed to worry.
I wish I never had to worry.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And I see you, you're walking 'cross the campus...

Days like these are my favorite days to be walking around the university; the sun is warm and shining and there are students out everywhere enjoying the lovely weather. I feel like such a college student when I walk among the other students lounging on the lawns with friends, taking naps, and studying in the shade of trees. It makes me smile and want to listen to fun, bright music. So, in the spirit of sharing this feeling with any one who might not be experiencing such marvelous weather, play "Campus" by Vampire Weekend and enjoy these pictures of people enjoying the simple pleasure of relaxing in the grass :) Marie Antoinette, one of the most aesthetically beautiful movies ever... provides the perfect imagery for a lovely spring day.

I love daisies :)

from lastnightsparty.com... while this isn't the particular attire that most of the students are wearing these days, I love this photo too much to not include it. Nights like these are the ones I live for, and therefore makes this photo an appropriate addition ;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

status: we love this exaltation. we want the new temptations. it's like a revelation. we live on fascination.

go check out "Fascination" by Alphabeat on YouTube if you want to hear some music that will make you get up and dance. If you'd rather sit in your seat and not have any fun, then I recommend that you just go ahead and keep on doing whatever you were doing prior to reading this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my favorite part of spring is...

Having a (good) excuse to buy clothes! I was thinking about spring arriving soon because today when I was walking to class I couldn't help but notice and rejoice in the fact that there were leaves starting to bud on some of the trees. This, obviously, got me on the track of thinking what I wanted to buy for the upcoming season, especially because I am going vintage shopping this evening with Kate and Christina.
Right now I'm particularly interested in finding some fun floral dresses, inspired by The Virgin Suicides, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. I'm rather infatuated with the dresses that the girls wear to the homecoming dance, as well as Cecilia's wedding dress. I'm hoping to find something along those lines; I'm also considering going as Lux as one of my Halloween costumes (I'm also going as the Mad Hatter; my cousin is being Alice, and we're going to try and convince a few more people to join us as other characters), so it would be nice to have a dress on hand if the opportunity arises.
I absolutely love the colors of the dress on the left, and the white belt. I really like the full skirt and puff sleeves. (photo from deviantart.com)

I love the color (pink! absolutely the best) and the vintage style: tight bodice, full skirt. The reason I love going to vintage stores is because, when you get lucky, you can find such marvelous things. (photo from deviantart.com)

I love the fabric on this dress; the rose pattern is absolutely adorable. I'm not a huge fan of the scrunchy top style, but the fabric alone would force me to buy this dress. (photo also from deviantart.com)
And this peice, well, is not really Virgin Suicides inspired, but I still really really want a romper. I'm not sure if I would be able to pull off the look, but I still think they're awesome (photo from streetpeeper.com). I found some photos of my mom wearing them back in the 70's... they're really rather funny. She also had some of the full jumpsuits, which I think are absolutely ridiculous however; she told me that her mom actually made all of them for her!
So, there is a small snippet of my fashion inspiration for the upcoming lovely spring weather... if I happen to buy anything lovely while I'm out shopping, I will make sure to post it in the upcoming weekend. Muah darlings, and happy spring dreaming!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh, sweet things of innocence

Yes! My Little Ponies! Yesterday my mom and I went shopping to buy bithday gifts for one of my cousins who just turned 4, and we're going to visit during spring break (2 weeks left! woo!). I almost died when we came across the aisle with all the My Little Ponies; I LOVED them when i was a kid! I used to take them in the bathtub, which would make their manes all tangled but I didn't care. And, may I dare say, I think they've gotten even cuter over the years.

I went looking for pictures on flickr.com, and found an entire community of My Little Pony addicts... I absolutely loved this little pony with the strawberries <3 Not to mention the hot pink mane... I wish I had a hot pink mane. I also love that there are itty bitty hearts in their eyes, so sweet.

I love all their little accessories too. I wish they made such sweet little brushes in human sizes. The Little Pony that I bought for my cousin came with a really cute plastic ring that the pony could also wear as a 'bracelet.' I thought that was actually pretty adorable, and now I really want my own little pony. I told my mom this in the store, to which she replied, 'I know sweetheart.'

And I had to include this one because it perfectly plays into my morbid fascination with anything pretty that is slightly wrong (or incredibly wrong, depending on you manner of opinion).
There was also a display of My Littlest Pet Shop, which I was hugely addicted to as a child. I'm going to try and find all of my old ones and take some pictures. I've really been wanting to take pictures lately, particularly of all the flowers that are blooming right now (I love Southern California, it's beautiful and colorful all year round). Yesterday, before we went to buy birthday presents, my mother and I were buying flowers at a nursery. We always go to this same place; it's this little scrap of land underneath all these telephone wires and is always ten degrees hotter than the surrounding area (we have no clue why, but it's true). There were these absolutely goregous double delight roses and I wished I had my camera so badly; I settled to take a picture of it with my phone camera however. The poppies are in bloom at school too. All in all, it's been a colorful couple of days, even though I haven't been getting enough sleep; but I suppose one must sacrifice something for pleasure and inspiration.

Monday, March 16, 2009

well that was great while it lasted

"I can only be in love for the rest of my life for about two weeks."

As much as I wish I could claim that I was genius enough to come up with that, I actually stole it from a twitter post from lastnightsparty.com. It's rather appropriate at this moment because I had my first tiff with The Boy, The Boy being my boyfriend of two months, last night. Men, I swear; you can't live with 'em but you can't live without 'em. Anyways, I think we've officially passed that we've-just-met-and-I'm-totally-obsessed-with-you-and-everything-about-you-is-wonderful phase, which leaves us with... what now? Blech, whatever.

So with that, I will admit that I have started thinking about other men. Namely, Paul Newman. I truly started crying when he died. Such a loss to the acting world, not to mention how darn attractive I find him.
Anyways, I'm hanging out with The Boy tonight after work, even though I was tempted to tell him that I couldn't because I had to feed my cat. But then I realised that would be particularly cruel, so I abstained, even though my cousin kept telling me to do it. Actually, I think that might have been what tipped my off that it was a bad idea.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

and this is where we say hello

I'm not exactly sure about how one goes about starting a blog. Is there an etiquette guide for this sort of thing? I have no clue so I will just go ahead and do whatever I want.
I don't particularly want to share my name on the internet, considering that I'm incredibly shy and it's also rather unclimatic. Really, no creativity in my name. So, instead I will give you a short display of random facts about myself:
1. I only eat the white candy hearts that you get at Valentine's Day.
2. People say I look like a deer because I have very large eyes. They also make me look very young and naive, and I suppose that those are both true in their own way.
3. I am addicted to many things.
4. I live in a fantasy world most of the time. Reality has never served me any great purpose, so I do my best to ignore it.
5. And the main reason I'm starting this blog is in the vain hope that there is someone out there like me; someone who obsesses over the strangest of things but can't seem to get their own life together. Or least I can accomplish something by showing someone else that they aren't the only ones.

Well, that's it for now. In the near future there will be more posts filled with my ramblings, favorite photos, song lyrics, strange occurances, and bits of fiction. My cousin should be arriving shortly and my mother has instructed that I go sit by the front door and wait for her.