Thursday, March 19, 2009

my favorite part of spring is...

Having a (good) excuse to buy clothes! I was thinking about spring arriving soon because today when I was walking to class I couldn't help but notice and rejoice in the fact that there were leaves starting to bud on some of the trees. This, obviously, got me on the track of thinking what I wanted to buy for the upcoming season, especially because I am going vintage shopping this evening with Kate and Christina.
Right now I'm particularly interested in finding some fun floral dresses, inspired by The Virgin Suicides, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. I'm rather infatuated with the dresses that the girls wear to the homecoming dance, as well as Cecilia's wedding dress. I'm hoping to find something along those lines; I'm also considering going as Lux as one of my Halloween costumes (I'm also going as the Mad Hatter; my cousin is being Alice, and we're going to try and convince a few more people to join us as other characters), so it would be nice to have a dress on hand if the opportunity arises.
I absolutely love the colors of the dress on the left, and the white belt. I really like the full skirt and puff sleeves. (photo from

I love the color (pink! absolutely the best) and the vintage style: tight bodice, full skirt. The reason I love going to vintage stores is because, when you get lucky, you can find such marvelous things. (photo from

I love the fabric on this dress; the rose pattern is absolutely adorable. I'm not a huge fan of the scrunchy top style, but the fabric alone would force me to buy this dress. (photo also from
And this peice, well, is not really Virgin Suicides inspired, but I still really really want a romper. I'm not sure if I would be able to pull off the look, but I still think they're awesome (photo from I found some photos of my mom wearing them back in the 70's... they're really rather funny. She also had some of the full jumpsuits, which I think are absolutely ridiculous however; she told me that her mom actually made all of them for her!
So, there is a small snippet of my fashion inspiration for the upcoming lovely spring weather... if I happen to buy anything lovely while I'm out shopping, I will make sure to post it in the upcoming weekend. Muah darlings, and happy spring dreaming!

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