Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh, sweet things of innocence

Yes! My Little Ponies! Yesterday my mom and I went shopping to buy bithday gifts for one of my cousins who just turned 4, and we're going to visit during spring break (2 weeks left! woo!). I almost died when we came across the aisle with all the My Little Ponies; I LOVED them when i was a kid! I used to take them in the bathtub, which would make their manes all tangled but I didn't care. And, may I dare say, I think they've gotten even cuter over the years.

I went looking for pictures on, and found an entire community of My Little Pony addicts... I absolutely loved this little pony with the strawberries <3 Not to mention the hot pink mane... I wish I had a hot pink mane. I also love that there are itty bitty hearts in their eyes, so sweet.

I love all their little accessories too. I wish they made such sweet little brushes in human sizes. The Little Pony that I bought for my cousin came with a really cute plastic ring that the pony could also wear as a 'bracelet.' I thought that was actually pretty adorable, and now I really want my own little pony. I told my mom this in the store, to which she replied, 'I know sweetheart.'

And I had to include this one because it perfectly plays into my morbid fascination with anything pretty that is slightly wrong (or incredibly wrong, depending on you manner of opinion).
There was also a display of My Littlest Pet Shop, which I was hugely addicted to as a child. I'm going to try and find all of my old ones and take some pictures. I've really been wanting to take pictures lately, particularly of all the flowers that are blooming right now (I love Southern California, it's beautiful and colorful all year round). Yesterday, before we went to buy birthday presents, my mother and I were buying flowers at a nursery. We always go to this same place; it's this little scrap of land underneath all these telephone wires and is always ten degrees hotter than the surrounding area (we have no clue why, but it's true). There were these absolutely goregous double delight roses and I wished I had my camera so badly; I settled to take a picture of it with my phone camera however. The poppies are in bloom at school too. All in all, it's been a colorful couple of days, even though I haven't been getting enough sleep; but I suppose one must sacrifice something for pleasure and inspiration.

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