Sunday, April 26, 2009

something to slip into

Yesterday was another glorious day of vintage finds! This time I went to my favorite thrift shop called 'Value Village", which is basically the same thing as a Goodwill, but I always seem to have better luck there. And I was not disappointed!I found this adorable sleep top for eight dollars! It's a beautiful pink with polka-dot lace across the front and sleeves, and rosettes on the collar and on each hip. The bottom is ruffled and rises higher on each side. I belted with my skinny pink leather belt that clasps with a bow.My other fabulous find, a slip for 2 dollars! I love it, though I must admit that I'm not planning on wearing just that alone! Far too scandalous!It's a beautiful whisper pink, silky, and has a pretty overall detail of tiny x's... This is what I bought the slip to go with... I only had a navy blue slip to go underneath it, which goes great with my brown boots and navy blue blazer for a more autumn look, but I wanted something nice and light for spring and summer.

Hope everyone had an equally exquisite weekend!

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