Friday, April 24, 2009

finders keepers

I went to an estate sale this morning with my mom, before getting delicious breakfast burritos from Nick's, and I happened upon a few treasures which I thought I'd share...I found an adorable bird figurine, a string of (fake, but a pretty peach color) opera length pearls, some carved mother-of-pearl pieces (which I'm hoping to make into a necklace), and some vintage photographs. All for nine dollars!

My favorite thing has to be this sweet little grouping of birds, made in West Germany.

Here are some of the photographs I bought:I believe that it's the same girl in both photos, and I wish I could have met her. She seems absolutely fierce.

I love photobooths, so I couldn't pass up those shots. I also love old cameras... I wonder if the girl on the left took the picture in the mirror, or if someone else took a picture of her at the same time.
Someone clearly like photography... I absolutely love this compostion. All in all, it's been a good day so far. Some friends and I are planning on going to a roller disco tonight, which I am very excited about! They're so much fun :)

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  1. Love the old photographs! There's something quite enchanting about the one of the girl with the old camera...