Tuesday, July 7, 2009

summer days

Hello from Long Beach, where the weather is glorious today! Some friends and I went and visited my dear friend Lizzy on her lunch break today; we brought yummy Chinese food and picnicked under a large tree not far from her building... quite lovely! I decided to come home and take some pictures of my "new" dress; I bought it two summers ago but I never wore it because it went past my knees (an awkward length on someone short like me!), but my mommy helped me hem it yesterday...
dress: Angie
shoes: Payless
glasses: Nordstrom

necklaces: leather leaves: Forever 21
faux pearls: vintage
gold chain: my grandmother's

I also had a lovely Fourth of July (it's one of my favorite holidays); it was a simple affair, barbeque with some close friends and attending the local fireworks show...
Hope everyone's summer is going well also! Must be going now, I'm going to go over to a friend's house where we're doing an exercise program that she ordered on television... I have a feeling I'm going to be awfully tired tomorrow!

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