Sunday, July 19, 2009

great finds

Hello everyone! It's been a good week and half for excellent finds, vintage and new alike!Found a lovely new green wool sweater for $5, a pair of high-waisted jean shorts (which my mother swears she had in the '90s) for $3, and the tapesty handbag is my favorite! It was a steal at only $2.
My new waist-high skirt from the designer line at Target, which I got for $8. I wore it out tonight, since the weather is so warm, to get dessert with some girlfriends.
My new teal wedges, which were only $9 at Payless, go great with the above mentioned skirt...
My new men's flannel shirt, which I found for $5. This is my fifth mens plaid shirt that I have purchased; they are so incredibly comfortable, and look cute with jeans or belted over a plain black dress.
My new hippie-esque look! The shirt is a men's Yves Saint Laurent silk number (for only $2! I about died with happiness right there in Goodwill). Paired with my new feather headband ($8 at Target), It looks like I'm ready to hit an outdoor concert.The silk shirt is delicately monogrammed with the YSL logo...I also found a black silk cummerbund for $2 and two bow-ties for a dollar each.My pretty mauve-pink bow tie... I wish I had an event to wear it to!The black bow-tie makes a cute headband.

The little deer was a gift from my dearest mother; I absolutely love it! She just has the sweetest expression on her face...

I also discovered what may be my new favorite band, called Owl City. For those who are not yet blessed with this musical presence in their lives, please go check out "Fireflies", "The Saltwater Room", and "Rainbow Veins"!

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