Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day in LA

My mother and I went on a shopping trip to Downtown Los Angeles last Friday; she was in search for some fabrics and trim, and I happily joined her (I was also in desperate need of a new pair of sunglasses, and the Fashion District isn't far from where we were going). While we were at Berger's beads and trims I took some photos. The store is so interesting with pink walls and boxes of beads and sequins up to the ceiling, with one corner just stuffed with all sorts of sewing notions... There are just rolls upon rolls of sequins piled up in a ramshackle order, so sparkly and appealing under the bright lights, along with huge winding cards of decadent ribbons and trims.
Three lovely bolts of goregous pink sequins
Sequins on strings, instead of bolts, and all seperated by color
A box full of tiny suede bows
little beads that looked like faces!

Then we were off to another trim store! We were actually quite frightened, considering that damage that would be done during an earthquake! The boxes were stacked so high they often blocked the lights on the ceiling.
But, it was all worth it when we discovered a 100 yard bolt of vintage French grosgrain ribbon in a perfect delicate pink, and a 50 yard bolt of double-backed satin ribbon in aqua that was labeled 1983.... and all for only $16!

This was some of our haul when we got home: different trims, ribbons, and zippers, along with a ginormous ivory hair bow that I purchased for $2.
Here are all of the things that I brought home: my hairbow, new sunglasses (which my mother swears that her mother owned), and all the things needed to construct 2 bead and charm bracelets.
Before we went into Los Angeles, we went to an estate sale where mother purchased a plethora of vintage postcards. I love the delicate star edging on this one; it is a happy birthday card, with two beautifully bold roses.
I love bluebirds, and these cards are so very sweet.
Here are the bracelets I made with the beads and trimmings I purchased; the lighting is poor so you can't see what a lovely shade of aqua the beads are. My favorite parts are the wishbone and love token charms.
I hope everyone has an equally inspiring week ahead!

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  1. I want to go to that place!! That looks amazing.